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    Thousands of developers work in freelance posts, but finding a web developer who knows what they're doing and on whom you can rely is no easy task. Joomla, a powerful content management system (CMS), As the leading open-course technology based on PHP, allows webmasters to create user-friendly and multipurpose websites. To get the right solutions, whether, for startups or businesses, it is recommended to hire Joomla developers.

    Types of Joomla Developers

    When you are choosing criteria, you need to be more specific while hiring a Joomla developer. Find out what work they should have experience in doing and what you can expect from them. Below are the accompanying price ranges of freelancers and 4 common areas of qualifications in the Joomla developer marketplace:

    Website Builder

    Joomla developers use their extensive knowledge of templates and extensions to create websites using already created solutions. Often they have some design production skills and are able to make small web changes. They are not very technical people, but are still well suited for many small websites and provide great value for a lower market rate.

    Theme Skinner

    Such type of developer knows how to use CSS and HTML language and can change any design or modify it, turning it into a usable solid design for the Joomla website. They are great for graphic designers who need to convert their f.e. PSD design into the Joomla template.

    Web Designer

    This kind of developer has the same knowledge as theme skinners, but they also can create custom special designs and also can modify existing designs on your site. Their value is usually measured in comparison with their design abilities, but most such web designers cost in the range of $ 1,000 - $ 5,000 USD for small companies, depending on the functionality of the site, size, and ability skills.

    Extension Developer

    Such Joomla programmers are very technicals and can create custom extensions for your Joomla website. They can also use their advanced and solve any functional problems on your site.

    Hire a Freelance Developer or a Company

    Freelance Joomla developers are a good fit for:

    • If you have one-time small projects;
    • If you have a project where success is very clear to both to the developer and to you;
    • If you are a veteran in managing web projects and can and are ready to control the work of the developer and direct their efforts;
    • If you are a pre-profit organization. Mostly Joomla development companies will be out of your budget and those that are likely to simply outsource your work and add some kind of margins;

    Development Joomla developer companies are a good fit for:

    • If you have a business and provide a service where your Joomla site is a major part of the value;
    • If your energy, time and attention are more valuable than saving money, trying to independently manage a development project;
    • If you know what you would like to achieve, but could benefit from someone's advice is directing you to a better solution;
    • If you want to be able to reliably reach out to someone and need constant help;
    • If you think that there is a risk of something going wrong during into your project;

    Which Joomla Developer Company to hire?

    JoomForest provides businesses with high-quality Joomla development services to meet the exact needs of their customers. Hire dedicated Joomla developer to get the right solutions based on your business goal and specific requirements, no matter how complicated your project is. Regardless of whether you want to hire a person or a Joomla development team, JoomForest is your one-stop destination. They create a world-class website with customizable UI / UX development, customizable functionality, etc., to make your website more conversion oriented.

    Types of Joomla Development Services of JoomForest

    JoomForest understands every business is unique and also unique are their needs. Considering the same, they offer the following Joomla Development services to meet any web-service needs of various enterprises.

    Joomla Extension Development

    JoomForest builds websites using the unrivaled benefits of Joomla, such as ease of compatibility, installation, etc., to provide you with a customer-oriented solution. They use a user-developed extension to meet business needs and achieve their goals.

    Joomla Application Development

    JoomForest's Joomla web-developers are able to create a variety of applications to meet different business needs and help them grow with maximum user engagement and higher ROI. They create high-performance, reliable and unique applications that meet the needs of your company.

    Joomla Template Development

    Hire Joomla developers who always takes your individual business requirements into account when creating templates for your Joomla site. JoomForest creates a template from scratch along with a manual coding specification, customized pre-created templates, etc.

    Website Maintenance

    No matter how good your Joomla eCommerce website is, in order to run smoothly and provide the desired results it requires proper maintenance. JoomForest is available 24 hours a day to answer your inquiries related to your products and provide you with the right solutions.

    Component Customization

    JoomForest creates Joomla components and customizes them according to company requirements. We recommend you to hire a specialized Joomla developer who creates new and custom components and customizes the models you want.

    Joomla eCommerce Solution

    JoomForest creates customer-oriented Joomla eCommerce websites integrated with a virtuous storefront, compatible plugins, flexible user interface, and customizable features. They offer great business solutions tailored to your company's needs on a website or application.

    Why JoomForest to Hire Joomla Developers

    From several sectors working with diversified businesses, verticals helped JoomForest get a clear idea of their needs and expectations. Being a Joomla development company, they meet any business expectations by providing services for the development of the avant-garde Joomla. Hiring a Joomla developer to take many advantages and many benefits.

    Communication Transparency

    JoomForest is firmly convinced that robust communication is needed to build trust between service providers and customers. Given the same thing, they force you to inform everything related to the development of your project throughout the process.

    Joomla Expertise

    Whether it’s the ease of setup, SEO tools, integrated ACL, advanced security or multilingual support, JoomForest Joomla developers can take full advantage of this platform to make your eCommerce store highly developed and business-oriented.

    Hire Team of your Choice

    JoomForest allows you to take advantage of the flexibility to hire a specialized Joomla developer with the simplest steps. You can interact with the JoomForest team, hire them instantly based on your specific needs and interview professionals.

    Flexible Hiring Model

    Your requirements - this is what is of great importance to JoomForest and in any circumstances is committed to fulfilling. They welcome you to hire a Joomla developer weekly, monthly, or annually depending on your exact needs.

    Guaranteed Client Satisfaction

    Whatever it is, JoomForest never compromises customer satisfaction under any circumstances. They well aware of the needs of enterprises in various industries and provides them with suitable products that meet their specific business needs.


    Joomla is the most sought-after platform that is used to develop highly developed business websites, news portals, online communities in accordance with the requirements. Maintaining the web content of a website is often associated with the need for expert experience at Joomla. If you want to be successful in a web development project, programmers or Joomla developers can provide you maximum assistance. Finding an experienced and professional Joomla developer can be a really long, grueling, and difficult task. There are a lot of websites with millions of members, all fighting for projects and lowering each other's prices. Fortunately, there are several platforms that are taking steps to make the hiring experience better for their users and actually attract professional talent to their sites.

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