• Sell My Wedding Dress Fast - The How to Guide!

    Wedding dresses are beautiful, necessary one time investments. Many women spend a fortune on the perfect wedding dress, just to never be able to wear it again. Just because you aren't able to wear your wedding dress doesn't mean that somebody else can't. If you want to get that dress off your hands and recoup some of the cash you spent on it, consider passing the good luck on by selling your wedding dress to another lucky lady getting married who may be looking for a beautiful dress at a bargain. At this point you are probably wondering, "How could I possibly sell my wedding dress?"

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    If so, here are some tips and ideas to help you sell your wedding dress-and fast.


    First and foremost make sure your dress has been properly cleaned and preserved most cleaners will clean and preserve your dress properly. It is well worth it and it will make selling your wedding dress that much easier. Make sure in you listing that you include that it has been properly cleaned and preserved. Now you are ready to sell the dress.


    Consignment shops are a popular option for women looking to "sell my wedding dress" this is a type of second hand store where you leave your item for it to be sold as merchandise. When it is sold, the shop gets a set part of the proceeds, and so do you. It may take a couple of years to sell do to the fact that the only traffic that most Consignment shops receive is walk in traffic. This isn't my favorite but it does work if you have the time

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    Special interest internet sites are the best option because they are very focused on their topics and can draw thousands of visitors unlike a consignment shop. There are many specialized websites that can help women to sell their wedding dresses fast. The aim of these sites is to help you get the most money from the sale of your dress as fast possible.


    Post an ad, add a picture, include an email or phone number and watch the responses come pouring in. Just be careful of scammers! If an offer sounds too good to be true, it is. Only accept PayPal, money orders, or certified checks. Never accept a personal check. If you do need to accept a personal check, make sure that the check clears before you send the customer the dress. Many counterfeit checks look real and the only way of knowing is by letting it clear your bank account.


    Many people use craigslist. It is the catch-all kind of classifieds, where people can post and read ads for just about anything. The 'For Sale' section is where you would list a dress for sale. I don't recommend using Craig's list sell your wedding dress do to the fact that too many people get scammed and you can only market your dress to a single Metropolitan area. I prefer the online sites that only sell wedding gowns. You can do a Google search for sell your wedding dress and find the most reputable companies


    If you are still asking yourself "Should I sell my wedding dress?" The answer is yes! Don't let a beautiful dress collect dust in your closet. There is a bride in need of your dress. Most women don't think it's possible, but it is... As you can see, there are many ways to sell your wedding dress pick the method that is best for you and. Remember, don't get scammed: PayPal is the only safe way to accept money for transactions made online.

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    Just be careful of scammers! If an offer sounds too good to be true, it is. Only accept PayPal payments, never a check or money order that could possibly be counterfeit. If you do accept a check please be sure to let the check clear before you send out your dress and I do not recommend that you meet in person. Dresses can be altered and they can try on most dresses in their local bridal boutique.

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